Brewery Profile: Caution Brewing Co

Caution Brewing Company

A view of Caution from the street

Caution Brewing Company is a pretty unique brewery in an area that is often referred to as the Napa Valley of Beer.  Danny and his fiance Betty bring a very adventurous attitude towards brewing, which in my opinion is always welcome.  And we’re not talking about adding some raspberries to the secondary tank of a wheat beer.  We’re talking beers infused with the likes of ingredients such as chrysanthemum.  In fact, Cautions’ signature brew, Lao Wang Lager, is brewed with Chinese spices Danny’s father handed to him and said he thought they would make a pleasant addition to beer.  Truth be told, Danny’s Father is the owner of the esteemed Lao Wang Noodle House on South Federal and is no stranger to flavor.  This is the spirit that Caution embodies and the sign on their door says it all.  You never know what they’ll be brewing with.

Caution is located just off I-70 and Peoria making it a natural stop to and from the airport for beer enthusiasts.

Caution Brewing Company

For those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to try any Caution brews around town, get excited, because their tap room is nearing completion.  I’ve sworn to secrecy about showing too many details about the tap room but I will tell you they’ve got a great open space and the bar will feature this beautiful beatle killed pine.

Bar at Caution Brewing Company

Caution Brewery

The Brew House

Caution is currently brewing on a 5 barrel system.  Not just any 5 barrel brew system though.  As many of you know, pretty much all brewing equipment will be seen reincarnated at another brewery once it leaves it’s original home. Demand for equipment is so high right now that you couldn’t even buy new tanks if you wanted to.  Most of the suppliers of these large stainless steel vessels are back-ordered for almost a year.  You may recognize this brewing equipment as the original Odell Brewing Company Brew House.  Their signature 5 Barrel Pale Ale is named after this system.

Caution is pumping out some seriously tasty brews on this system and I encourage you to seek them out if you see them on tap.

The Fermenters

The Fermenters

The Resident Ghost

The Resident Evil Ghost

Cognac Barrel at Caution

Cognac Barrel

Can’t wait to see this Cognac barrel in action.  Cautions’ Old Ale is destined for this treasure.

Now on to the brew day.  The goal of today is to create a Chrysanthemum IPA.

Grain Mill at Caution

Milling the Grain

Caution Brewing

Danny and Betty ready the mash tun

The brewing process at Caution is still very much hands on.  Lots of moving parts, heavy lifting and the occasional burn are all to be expected when starting a brewery.  The beauty of the new style of brewers emerging is they still very much embrace the homebrewing school of thought.  Experimentation in the brewing process is part of every new batch they brew.

Mashing In

Mashing In

Caution Brewing Company

Caution Brewing Company Logo

It will take this beer anywhere from 2-5 weeks until it’s ready to enjoy.  I’ll be keeping a close eye on the progress of this one.

Caution does not currently have scheduled brewery tours.  I’m told their Tap Room will be open on May 18th.  Keep an eye on their Social Media for official hours.


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