Homebrewed Beer Shaving Soap

Homebrewed Beer Shaving Soap

A few weeks ago I stumbled across a company called Homebrewed Soaps based out of Maine.  They make a ton of products that range from beer shaving soaps to beer bug repellent soaps.  I’ve heard of people making soap incorporating beer before and even know a friend who used to use beer as conditioner for his hair.  In Europe there are baths where you can go and sit in a hot tub of beer to help moisturize your skin.  Although I was aware of these practices, I was yet to try any of them for myself.  Homebrewed Soaps was nice enough to ship us a few of their soaps to put to the test.

I was most excited to try the beer shaving soap.  I’ve had a beard ever since I was able to grow one.  I have never particularly enjoyed shaving, it was always something I dreaded.  My skin has always been prone to razor burn and dryness.  I’ve tried just about every shaving cream available that had claims of moisture and a “smooth glide,” but none of them have ever lived up to their claims.  On the packaging of the Men’s Shaving Soap they say “You won’t want to use shaving cream ever again,” and I’m inclined to believe them.  WOW, is one of the only words that comes to mind to describe the experience.  This is truly the best shave I’ve ever had, even better than the barber shop.  I actually can’t stop touching my face and neither can my girlfriend.  Needless to say, I’ve added a new product to my daily regiment.

Another great benefit of these soaps is you don’t need an advanced degree in chemistry to understand the ingredients.  Every ingredient in these is there for a reason.  No filler or crazy chemicals.  Oh and did I forget to mention they all have Beer in them!

Make sure to support this awesome company and their amazing products.  Their soaps are available at HomebrewedSoaps.com.

7 thoughts on “Homebrewed Beer Shaving Soap

  1. Really glad that you loved the shaving Soap! This is what keeps me creating…:)

  2. Reblogged this on homebrewedsoaps and commented:
    Check out what the guys over at Beer Craving think of our Beer Shaving Soaps!

  3. Love it, any recommendations as I want to offer beer made soaps at Hoppy Girl Brewing in the near future because as a woman into organic living and a massage therapist, I love buying products like this so why not offer them to my customers and clients

  4. Reblogged this on hoppygirlbrewing and commented:
    I am excited to finally learn how to make soap, but now with my own beer. I have had soap making books for years and have never done anything with them! Thanks for getting me excited again

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