Brewery Profile: River North Brewing

River North is one of the newest breweries to open their doors in Downtown Denver.  They moved into the old Flying Dog space at 24th and Blake in the Ballpark Neigborhood.  They’re brewing some awesome beers with a strong Belgian influence.  Matt Hess is the head brewer and owner here.  He assembled most of the brewery and tap room himself with the help from some friends and family.  Hess is a former Lockheed Martin Engineer who was bitten by the brewing bug in 2009.  Just two years later he decided to make a go of his passion and quit his job to begin the planning of River North Brewing Company.

River North Bar

A view of the bar

River North Beer List

The Hello, Darkness and Hypothesis are my two favorites.  The Hypothesis Double IPA is incredibly balanced for having such a high IBU level.  It’s not the hop bomb you would expect.  It’s more of a bouquet of hops that hit the palate.

Hello, Darkness Black IPA

Hello, Darkness Black IPA

River North Brewery

Assistant Brewer Patrick Annesty recently began full time at River North.  He’s no stranger to the craft beer scene though, he used to stand behind the bar at Euclid Hall.

River North Brewers Platform

River North Fermenters

A view of the fermenters

Be sure to check out River North sometime soon.  They’re only a few blocks from the ball park and brew some really tasty beers.  If you’re lucky they’ll still have the double IPA on tap.

River North is located at 2401 Blake.  You can view the map here.

Hours of Operation

Thursday – 3-9pm
Friday – 3-10pm
Saturday – 3-10pm
Sunday – 3-9pm

For additional information you can visit the River North Website –

You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

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